The aim of this article will be to compare Project Loud to another competitor; Cannabee Cannabis Delivery. We here at Project Loud wish to inform all Canadians with the facts they need to buy the best weed online from their ideal source!

Cannabee is one of the larger Toronto weed delivery sites featured on Weedmaps. After a bit of sampling by some of our taste-testers and reviewers, a lot of Cannabee’s inventory is actually masked and repeated. For example, if they have a “Pink Kush”, they seem to sell the same batch of the same strain as a different name like “Pink Starburst”.

By constantly moving and rotating their bags, names and stock, they can often get away with it by just giving you a slightly different strain. Even ordering a Pink Kush one day, and then two weeks later you order it again, they’ll often just cite a ‘new batch’ if you do manage to notice any differences.

If you happen to order the Pink Kush under the original label and then Pink Kush again but under the ‘second fake’ label (Pink Starburst), they will switch out one of the strains. We were able to find out about the bait and switch, simply by just ordering the same items we bought once before, but the next day after. Lo and behold, Pink Kush is the same, but Pink Starburst is a completely different strain. Of course, the quality is somewhat still the same, but it can be frustrating being misled all the time especially if you want to find a particular strain again.

Project Loud is obsessively passionate and dedicated to building a trusting brand with loyal customers. Our strains are the fully researched phenotypes and strains that we display. The photos are always of the updated batch and we do everything we can to stay in touch when you order, so any and all worries and issues will be taken care of by our talented staff.

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