The OCS has been around now for about a year and some change. Canadians have been excited, ever since legalization, to finally be able to buy fully legalized weed.

So how has the government been doing so far?

Most would say that the Ontario Cannabis Store itself is a huge failure. The first thing that pops out to consumers is that the Crown Corporation’s site charges absurdly high prices for very mediocre marijuana. The photos are often misleading, as they’ll often just take the “crown jewel” of the batch for advertising but the rest of the batch that was grown is significantly worse. Even their most expensive strains aren’t even close to what many would consider a ‘AAAA Quad’. You would be lucky to find anything that was even close to a ‘AAA Triple’.

So the product and prices are garbage. What is it that they’re doing over there? Ontarians have expressed disappointment in Doug Ford’s legalization strategy. Many online critics have even insinuated that Ford was trying to limit the ‘free-market of Cannabis’ in order to strategically award limited licenses to personal friends and family.

Even the staff hired to run the OCS wasn’t very suitable, as they often hired individuals with no prior experience in cannabis. In fact, a large portion of their staff was transitioned from the LCBO and Beer Stores.

A lot of these factors and countless more is the direct cause of the OCS losing more than $40 million of tax payer money in their first year of operation. They’re quite literally run by people who have no understanding of weed or what smokers are looking for when they shop. In fact, the so-called ‘legal producers’ actually keep their high-quality batches of anything they grow to re-sell to MOM sites (Mail-Order Marijuana), as they can make more from under-the-table deals and save on taxes.

As a consumer though, you’ll 100% find better prices, better quality, and even safer practices at than at the OCS. Our staff can actually recognize when a flower strain has something funky going on with it. The products that we secure and obtain we personally verify the growing conditions and ensure absolutely no pesticides or oddities are involved.

PS. See that circle with OCS written in it? That’s the OCS logo, you should be impressed because that costed taxpayers $650,000.

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