With all the different ways to smoke or consume cannabis, there’s also a huge list of ways that it’s made or extracted. The first thing you’ll need to learn is that there’s two primary types of flower genetics that cannabis can grow from! Indica or Sativa! The main difference between the two is the type of high you will feel.

  • With Indicas you will typically experience relaxation and sleepiness. Most often characterized as a ‘body-high’ type of sensation, where you’ll feel the physical effects of mellowed down and being a bit groggy. Usually the worst case with indicas is that you’ll just knock yourself out into a deep sleep.
  • On the other hand, Sativas will take your high straight to the mind. The ‘head-high’ is often the primary trait of most sativas, where creativity and other-worldly imagination trips will be found. For some, this can be a bit overwhelming and cause a bit of anxiety. The key is to stay focused on the good, as thinking about the things making you anxious will often make you more anxious. The sativa high will just make your imagination wonder about all the worst case scenarios. So instead, keep your imagination busy with a personal project or idea! Your ability to think-outside-the-box will be enhanced like never before!
  • Then there is Hybrids, mixtures of both sativa and indica qualities! These flowers had their genetics made from both sativa and indica heritage, bringing both the mind melting ‘head-high’ and the couch gluing ‘body-high’. Of course, by combining these you’ll also have the negatives of both types of flowers in this one. More often than not though, you’ll typically experience mild relaxation effects from the indica, while still being alert thanks to the sativa helping your mind race and frolick. That’s why these hybrids are often recommended as a great daytime smoke.

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