Want to learn more about cannabis and how to smoke the various types and shapes it comes in? Today, we here at Project Loud will be doing just that!

Cannabis is quickly becoming the new ‘wonder cure’ of the 21st century. From tackling insomnia and anxiety to stomping aches and pains, this magical plant really has an infinite number of uses for day-to-day troubles and enhancement. Artists smoke to inspire creativity and imagination. Those suffering from debilitating health issues find solace and peace from the powerful painkiller properties while at the same time, not having to worry about the addictive properties of traditional oral pill painkillers. Women all over the country use it to handle cramps and pains. Athletes use it to help them recover from training and injuries. Some people just use it to unwind after a long day of work. No matter your reason, cannabis will more than likely help alleviate a ton of stress and boost your mood!

Now that’s amazing to hear that cannabis has the potential to do all that, but how does one consume it effectively and safely? There’s essentially 4 mainstream ways to consume cannabis: smoke, eat, vaporize, or dab.

  • Smoke: The classical way to get high.
    • The legendary joint, made by using a type of paper to roll up and bunch some grounded up flowers, is iconic in cannabis culture.
    • There’s also the ‘glassware’ method, either by pipe or bong. The pipe is essentially the same type of smoking as a joint, you burn some flower and inhale it using a straw-style physical filter. The bong is a different kind of beast though. It uses water as a barrier to filter out the smoke from any impurities and undesirables. The smoke will have a higher concentration of pure THC and does a really good job at squeezing out all the ‘high’ from whatever it is you’re smoking.
  • Edibles: Simple and easy, but potentially overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re doing! Back in the old-school days, hippies and stoners used to bake edible cannabis treats right at home. The more skillful you were, the more accurate and consistent your dosing/strength measurement of your baked creations! Nowadays, edibles are made by professional food producers, with modern and accurate dosing/strength measuring. Measured in milligrams of THC, cannabis treats can come in as low dosages as 10 mg to soul-crushing 500 mg! The average smoker is usually able to get a good high in the range of 50 mg to 100 mg.
  • Vaporize: A new trend over the years has been vaping, a low-key and no-smell approach to getting high! Although many people often say there’s a certain limit to how high you can get, no matter how much you consume. For some people though, that may be the perfect solution to having mild and relaxing buzz to enjoy during the day or at work.
  • Dab: A modern approach to being an intense pothead. There’s nothing casual about smoking from a ‘dab rig’. Dabbing is only possible with extracted concentrates of THC, you unfortunately can’t dab any flowers or herbs. Instead, you consume an oily resin that is extracted from cannabis flowers using special lab equipment. For consuming, the dab rig is the same as a bong except for one small detail; the bowl piece. The bowl piece is where you would normally pack your soon-to-be-burned herb. However, when dabbing, this bowl piece will need to be specially designed to handle the extremely high heat required. By using a blow-torch (such as the ones used in making crème brûlée), you directly apply the torch to the dabbing bowl piece until the glass is red-hot. Let it cool for about 30 – 60 seconds, then you place some of your concentrates and finally inhale from the mouthpiece of the bong/dab rig setup!

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